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Music Player for YouTube: Best Android Music App (MOD & Original)

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Looking for the best music app for your Android device? Look no further than Music Player for YouTube. Whether you prefer the original version or the modded one, this app offers a seamless experience to listen to your favorite tunes while browsing YouTube. Discover the features that set it apart from other music players.

What is Music Player for YouTube App?

Music Player for YouTube is a convenient and versatile mobile application that allows users to listen to their favorite music from the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. The app provides an enhanced music playback experience, making it easier to discover and enjoy music without the need to watch videos.

With Music Player for YouTube, users can create playlists, explore a vast library of songs and artists, and personalize their music listening experience. This app offers a seamless integration with YouTube’s extensive music collection, allowing users to discover new songs, watch official music videos, and explore various genres and playlists.

One of the main advantages of using this app is the ability to play music in the background or with the screen turned off, which is not possible on the official YouTube app. This feature allows users to multitask, use other apps, or even lock their phone while still listening to their favorite songs.

Additionally, Music Player for YouTube offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and control the music playback. Users can easily search for specific songs or artists, create custom playlists, and access recently played tracks. The app also provides options for shuffling songs, repeating playlists, and adjusting playback settings for an optimal listening experience.

Furthermore, Music Player for YouTube supports both online streaming and offline playback. Users can save their favorite songs or playlists for offline listening, eliminating the need for an internet connection. This feature is especially useful when users want to enjoy music in areas without a stable internet connection or to save on data usage.

In conclusion, Music Player for YouTube is a top-notch Android music app that enhances the music listening experience on YouTube. With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and offline playback option, it is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys music and wants a convenient way to listen to their favorite songs on their mobile device.

Music Player for YouTube App Features (Original)

Music Player for YouTube App Features (Original)

The Music Player for YouTube app is a popular Android music application that offers a range of impressive features for music enthusiasts. Whether you are a casual listener or a music aficionado, this app is designed to enhance your music streaming experience on your Android device.

1. Seamless YouTube Integration

One of the standout features of Music Player for YouTube is its seamless integration with the YouTube platform. With this app, you can easily access and stream any music video available on YouTube directly within the application. This eliminates the need to switch between the YouTube app and the music player, providing a convenient and uninterrupted listening experience.

2. Ad-Free Listening

Another great feature of this app is the ability to enjoy ad-free listening. Unlike the official YouTube app, Music Player for YouTube allows you to play music without any annoying advertisements interrupting your favorite songs. This is a major advantage for those who want to enjoy uninterrupted music playback.

3. Background Playback

With the background playback feature, you can continue listening to music even after exiting the app or locking your phone. This is particularly useful if you want to multitask or save battery while still enjoying your favorite tunes. The app ensures that your music keeps playing in the background seamlessly.

4. Create Playlists

Music Player for YouTube enables you to create and manage your own personalized playlists. You can easily add any song or music video from YouTube to your playlists, allowing you to organize your music collection based on your preferences. This feature gives you full control over your music listening experience.

5. Song Lyrics and Floating Lyrics

If you enjoy singing along to your favorite songs, this app has got you covered. It provides song lyrics in real-time for most music videos, allowing you to follow along with the lyrics as the song plays. Additionally, the floating lyrics feature displays the lyrics in a floating window, so you can still sing along while using other apps.

6. Sleep Timer

The sleep timer feature is perfect for those who like to fall asleep to music. You can set a specific time after which the app will automatically stop playing music, ensuring you conserve battery and have a peaceful sleep without any interruptions.

7. Offline Mode

With the offline mode feature, you can save your favorite music videos and playlists to your device for offline playback. This comes in handy when you are traveling or in areas with limited internet connection. You can enjoy your music even when you don’t have an active internet connection.

Overall, Music Player for YouTube offers a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance your music streaming experience. From seamless YouTube integration to ad-free listening and personalized playlists, this app has everything you need for a top-notch music app experience on your Android device.

Music Player for YouTube App Mod Features

When it comes to finding the best music app for Android, Music Player for YouTube stands out as one of the top choices. With a sleek interface and a plethora of features, this app allows users to enjoy their favorite songs and videos conveniently. In this article, we will explore the various mod features that set Music Player for YouTube apart from other music apps on the market.

1. Ad-Free Experience

One of the standout features of the mod version is the ability to enjoy an ad-free experience. Unlike the original app, which often interrupts your music listening with intrusive ads, the mod version eliminates all advertisements, providing a seamless listening experience.

2. Background Playback

Music Player for YouTube Mod allows users to play their favorite music videos in the background. This means you can browse other apps or even lock your device while still enjoying the audio from your desired videos. Say goodbye to interrupted playback when you need to multitask on your phone.

3. Offline Downloads

Another exciting feature offered by the mod version is the ability to download videos and music for offline listening. This feature comes in handy when you are in an area with poor internet connectivity or if you simply want to save data. Simply download your favorite tracks or videos when connected to Wi-Fi and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

4. Customizable Themes

Personalization is key, and Music Player for YouTube Mod allows users to customize the app’s theme according to their preferences. With various pre-designed themes or the option to create your own, you can make the app visually appealing and suitable to your style.

5. Audio Only Mode

Sometimes, you may want to listen to music without the need for video playback. The mod version offers an audio-only mode, where you can enjoy your songs without the distraction of visuals. This feature enhances battery life and ensures an uninterrupted music playback experience.

These are just a few of the mod features that make Music Player for YouTube stand out as an excellent choice for Android users. With its ad-free experience, background playback, offline downloads, customizable themes, and audio-only mode, this app provides a comprehensive and enjoyable music listening experience. Try out Music Player for YouTube Mod and elevate your music app experience today!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Music Player for YouTube

A music player for YouTube offers users a convenient way to listen to and enjoy music available on the YouTube platform. However, like any other technology, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article will explore both the positive and negative aspects of using a music player for YouTube.


  • 1. Access to a Vast Music Library: A music player for YouTube allows users to tap into the extensive collection of music available on YouTube. It provides quick and easy access to millions of songs from different genres, artists, and eras.
  • 2. Free Music Streaming: Most music players for YouTube are free to use, enabling users to stream music without any subscription fees or additional costs.
  • 3. Customized Playlists: Users can create and customize their own playlists, organizing their favorite tracks according to their preferences. This feature allows for a personalized listening experience.
  • 4. Background Playback: Many music players have the ability to play music in the background while using other apps or even when the device screen is turned off. This allows users to multitask without interrupting their music listening sessions.
  • 5. Offline Listening: Some music players offer the option to download music from YouTube for offline listening. This feature is particularly useful when one is in an area with limited or no internet connectivity.


  • 1. Ads and Interruptions: Free music players for YouTube often include advertisements that can disrupt the listening experience. These ads may range from short video commercials to banner ads, pop-ups, or audio ads.
  • 2. Limited Control: Unlike a dedicated music streaming service, music players for YouTube might not provide as much control over the playback options. Features like skipping a track, repeating a song, or shuffling a playlist may be limited or require additional subscriptions.
  • 3. Reliance on Internet Connection: To enjoy uninterrupted streaming, a stable internet connection is required. In areas with poor network coverage or during internet outages, the music player’s functionality may be significantly affected.
  • 4. Copyrighted Content and Piracy: YouTube hosts a mix of copyrighted and user-generated content. While music players for YouTube provide access to this content, there is a risk of infringing copyright laws unknowingly. Certain unofficial or modified music player apps may also facilitate piracy.

Overall, a music player for YouTube offers a wide range of music choices and convenient features. However, the presence of ads, limited control options, internet dependence, and copyright concerns should be taken into consideration when deciding to use such a player. Ultimately, it is important for users to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages to make an informed choice based on their needs and preferences.

Download Link Music Player for YouTube Mod 2023

The following is the download link for the Latest Music Player for YouTube Mod for Android December 2023, update by

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Installation Instructions APK Mod

  • Open the website where Music Player for YouTube Mod is available above
  • Download all the files provided
  • After that, please read the instructions that the admin has provided
  • Install the application (.APK)
  • If there is a file in pack form, please extract it first and insert it into OBB
  • Finished.

Download Link Music Player for YouTube Original 2023

The following is the download link for the Latest Music Player for YouTube for Android.

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