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MSQRD: Best Android Editing Foto App (MOD & Original)

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Are you a fan of photo editing using Android apps? Look no further than MSQRD, the best photo editing app for Android! With its wide range of filters and effects, you can transform your ordinary pictures into stunning masterpieces. Whether you prefer the original or modified version, MSQRD offers endless creative possibilities for photo enthusiasts.

What is MSQRD App?

MSQRD, short for Masquerade, is a popular photo and video editing app available for Android devices. This app allows users to transform their selfies and videos by adding various effects, filters, and masks in real-time. With MSQRD, users can turn themselves into different characters, celebrities, animals, and even inanimate objects, making it a fun and entertaining app for users of all ages.

MSQRD offers a wide range of face tracking technology that accurately maps the user’s facial features, enabling seamless integration of 3D effects and masks onto the face. The app includes a vast collection of filters, masks, and effects that can be applied to photos and videos, instantly enhancing the visual appeal of the content.

One of the standout features of MSQRD is its live preview functionality, which allows users to see the effects in real-time as they are being applied. This enables users to find the perfect effect or mask that suits their desired look or mood before capturing photos or videos.

The app also provides options for users to share their creations directly on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This feature makes it easy for users to showcase their edited photos and videos with friends and followers in just a few taps.

Overall, MSQRD is a highly versatile and user-friendly photo and video editing app that offers a wide range of effects and filters to enhance your selfies and videos. With its seamless face tracking technology and real-time preview, MSQRD provides a fun and interactive experience, allowing users to express their creativity and imagination in a unique and entertaining way.

MSQRD App Features (Original)

MSQRD App Features (Original)

MSQRD is a popular Android app known for its impressive photo-editing features. With a vast range of creative options, MSQRD allows users to transform their ordinary pictures into stunning works of art. Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, this app has something for everyone.

Real-time Filters and Effects

One of the highlighting features of MSQRD is its extensive collection of real-time filters and effects. Users can choose from a variety of options, such as vintage, black and white, and vibrant color filters, to instantly enhance their photos. Additionally, the app offers a wide range of special effects, including bokeh, blur, and mosaic, giving users the freedom to experiment and create unique visual styles.

Face Morphing and Swapping

MSQRD takes photo editing to another level with its face morphing and swapping feature. This fun and interactive tool allow users to transform their faces into various characters or even swap faces with friends or celebrities. The app utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to ensure accurate and seamless face mapping, guaranteeing hilarious and realistic results.

AR Masks and 3D Avatars

Another exciting feature of MSQRD is its augmented reality (AR) masks and 3D avatars. Users can choose from a wide range of virtual masks and avatars to add an element of fun and entertainment to their photos. Whether you want to turn into a cute animal, a movie character, or simply try out a funny disguise, MSQRD’s AR masks and 3D avatars will make your pictures stand out from the crowd.

Easy Sharing and Social Media Integration

Once you have edited your photos to perfection, MSQRD makes it easy to share them with friends and family. The app seamlessly integrates with various social media platforms, allowing users to directly upload their creations to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can instantly share your unique photos with the world and receive reactions and likes from your social media network.

Regular Updates and New Features

MSQRD app constantly updates its features and adds new options to keep users engaged. The developers regularly introduce fresh filters, effects, masks, and avatars to ensure that users never run out of creative possibilities. With each update, MSQRD strives to stay at the forefront of photo editing technology and provide its users with the best and most diverse editing options available.

MSQRD is undoubtedly one of the best Android photo-editing apps available. With its extensive range of filters, effects, face morphing, AR masks, and easy sharing capabilities, this app is a must-have for photography enthusiasts. Download MSQRD today and unlock your creativity!

MSQRD App Mod Features

In this article, we will explore the amazing features of the MSQRD app, both in its modified (MOD) version and its original version. MSQRD, known as Masquerade, is one of the best Android editing photo apps available in the market.

Real-Time Face Filters

One of the standout features of MSQRD is its extensive collection of real-time face filters. Using advanced augmented reality technology, the app can instantly map and overlay different masks, effects, and characters on your face. Whether you want to transform into a cute animal, a famous celebrity, or even a scary monster, MSQRD has an impressive range of face filters to choose from.

Live Video Recording

MSQRD allows users to capture and record videos with the applied face filters in real-time. This feature adds a whole new level of fun and creativity to your videos, making them entertaining and hilarious. You can share these videos directly on social media platforms or save them to your device for later use.

Photo Editing Tools

In addition to its real-time face filters, MSQRD also provides a set of photo editing tools. These tools allow you to enhance your photos by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters. You can also crop, rotate, and apply various artistic filters to give your photos a unique and professional look.

MOD Features

The MOD version of MSQRD offers additional features that are not available in the original version. These may include unlocked premium filters, effects, and stickers, as well as removed advertisements. With the MOD version, you can enjoy an enhanced editing experience without any limitations.


MSQRD is undoubtedly one of the best Android editing photo apps you can find. With its extensive collection of real-time face filters, live video recording, and photo editing tools, it offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether you use the original version or the MOD version, MSQRD is guaranteed to bring joy and excitement to your editing experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MSQRD

MSQRD is a popular photo editing app available for Android devices. It offers users a range of effects and filters that can be applied to selfies and videos in real-time. While MSQRD has gained a lot of attention and appreciation for its features, it also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of MSQRD:

  • Easy to Use: MSQRD is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate and apply various effects.
  • Real-Time Filters: One of the key advantages of MSQRD is its ability to apply filters and effects in real-time, allowing users to see how they will look before capturing a photo or recording a video.
  • Wide Range of Effects: MSQRD offers a vast collection of effects, ranging from funny masks and animations to artistic filters, allowing users to experiment and transform their selfies and videos into unique creations.
  • Social Sharing: The app provides seamless integration with social media platforms, making it convenient for users to instantly share their edited photos and videos with friends and followers.
  • Regular Updates: MSQRD regularly introduces new effects and features through updates, ensuring that users always have fresh options to explore and enhance their editing experience.

Disadvantages of MSQRD:

  • Limited Advanced Editing Tools: While MSQRD offers a wide range of effects, it lacks advanced editing tools that are essential for professional photo editing.
  • Performance Issues: Some users have reported performance issues, such as lagging or crashes, especially when applying complex effects or using the app for an extended period.
  • Ads and In-App Purchases: MSQRD generates revenue through advertisements and in-app purchases, which can sometimes interrupt the editing process or limit certain features behind paywalls.
  • Privacy Concerns: Like any app that requires access to the camera and microphone, there are privacy concerns associated with MSQRD. Users should be cautious and ensure they are comfortable with the app’s permissions and data usage policies.

Download Link MSQRD Mod 2024

The following is the download link for the Latest MSQRD Mod for Android February 2024, update by

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Installation Instructions APK Mod

  • Open the website where MSQRD Mod is available above
  • Download all the files provided
  • After that, please read the instructions that the admin has provided
  • Install the application (.APK)
  • If there is a file in pack form, please extract it first and insert it into OBB
  • Finished.

Download Link MSQRD Original 2024

The following is the download link for the Latest MSQRD for Android.

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