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Firefox Preview: Best Android Browser App (MOD & Original)

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Looking for the best Android browser app? Look no further than Firefox Preview. With its seamless user interface, enhanced privacy features, and customizable options, Firefox Preview is the ideal choice for Android users. Whether you prefer the original version or look for the MOD version, Firefox Preview guarantees a smooth and secure browsing experience for all.

What is Firefox Preview App?

Firefox Preview is an Android browser app developed by Mozilla, the same organization behind the popular Firefox browser for desktop and mobile. It is designed to provide users with a fast, safe, and private browsing experience on their Android devices.

With Firefox Preview, users can enjoy a sleek and modern browser interface, along with a range of features that enhance their browsing experience. These include:

  • Speed: Firefox Preview is built with GeckoView, an advanced browser engine, which ensures fast page load times and smooth scrolling.
  • Privacy: Mozilla has always been committed to user privacy, and Firefox Preview is no exception. It comes with built-in privacy features such as Enhanced Tracking Protection, which blocks third-party tracking cookies by default.
  • Customizability: Users can personalize their browsing experience by choosing from a wide range of themes and add-ons available in the Firefox Preview add-ons marketplace.
  • Syncing: Firefox Preview seamlessly syncs with the Firefox account, allowing users to access their bookmarks, saved logins, history, and open tabs across multiple devices.
  • Security: The app employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect users from online threats. It regularly updates its security features to ensure a safe browsing environment.

Overall, Firefox Preview is highly recommended for Android users who prioritize speed, privacy, and customization options in their browser. It offers a seamless browsing experience with a range of features that cater to the needs of modern internet users.

Firefox Preview App Features (Original)

Firefox Preview App Features (Original)

The Firefox Preview app is an excellent Android browser that offers a range of features to enhance your browsing experience. Whether you are using the original version or a modified version, you can enjoy the following features:

1. Lightning Fast Speed

Firefox Preview is built on GeckoView, a high-performance browser engine. This ensures that you can browse the web with lightning-fast speed, allowing you to load webpages quickly and efficiently.

2. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are top priorities for Firefox Preview. With this app, you can enjoy enhanced privacy features like Enhanced Tracking Protection, which blocks various trackers that could compromise your online privacy. The browser also includes built-in protection against phishing attacks, keeping your personal information safe.

3. Customization Options

Firefox Preview allows you to personalize your browsing experience to suit your preferences. You can choose from a range of customizable options, including themes, fonts, and home screen widgets. This flexibility allows you to make the browser truly your own.

4. Collections and Syncing

With Firefox Preview, you can easily organize your bookmarks, open tabs, and history into collections. This makes it simple to access your favorite websites and content. Additionally, the app syncs across devices, so you can seamlessly transition between your phone, tablet, and desktop.

5. Picture-in-Picture Mode

One standout feature of Firefox Preview is its Picture-in-Picture mode. This allows you to play videos in a separate floating window while you continue browsing. It’s perfect for multitasking and ensures that you never miss any important content.

6. Web Extensions Support

Firefox Preview supports web extensions, enabling you to enhance your browsing experience with add-ons and extensions. This opens up a world of possibilities to customize your browser and add extra functionality.

In conclusion, whether you choose the original version of Firefox Preview or a modified version, you can enjoy an array of features that enhance speed, privacy, customization, and multitasking. Try out Firefox Preview today and take your Android browsing experience to the next level!

Firefox Preview App Mod Features

In this article, we will explore the mod features of the Firefox Preview app, which is considered one of the best Android browser apps available. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Firefox Preview offers a seamless browsing experience for both mod enthusiasts and regular users. Let’s dive into the exciting features that make this app stand out from the rest.

1. Enhanced Privacy Settings:

Firefox Preview takes user privacy seriously. It introduces advanced privacy settings, including built-in tracking protection, strict cookie control, and the ability to block invasive ads. These features let users navigate the web with peace of mind, protecting their data and ensuring a safer browsing experience.

2. Customizable UI:

With Firefox Preview, you can personalize your browsing experience according to your preferences. The app allows you to customize the look and feel by choosing from various themes, including both light and dark modes. Furthermore, you can rearrange the toolbar and add or remove buttons based on your needs, ensuring a streamlined and personalized user interface.

3. Lightning-Fast Performance:

The Firefox Preview app is designed to provide lightning-fast performance, making browsing the web a breeze. By utilizing the latest web technologies and engine, this browser app delivers superior speed and responsiveness, allowing users to navigate websites quickly and efficiently.

4. Multi-Tab Management:

Firefox Preview simplifies multitasking with its intuitive multi-tab management system. Users can open multiple tabs, switch between them effortlessly, and even preview them with a simple swipe gesture. This feature makes it easy to browse multiple websites simultaneously without losing track of your open tabs.

5. Night Mode:

Another notable feature of the Firefox Preview app is the Night Mode option. Enabling this mode adjusts the screen colors and brightness, making it comfortable for night-time browsing and reducing eye strain. Whether you’re scrolling through social media or reading articles before bed, Night Mode ensures a more pleasant viewing experience in low-light environments.

6. Add-On Support:

Firefox Preview offers support for add-ons, allowing users to enhance their browsing experience further. With a wide range of add-ons available, users can customize the functionality of the browser, such as ad-blockers, password managers, and more. This mod feature provides flexibility and enables users to tailor their browsing experience to their specific needs.

7. Sync Across Devices:

Firefox Preview syncs seamlessly across devices, enabling users to access their bookmarks, browsing history, and open tabs from any device. Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you can effortlessly continue where you left off, providing a consistent browsing experience across multiple platforms.

With all these mod features, it’s no wonder that Firefox Preview is considered one of the best Android browser apps available. Whether you prioritize privacy, customization, speed, or convenience, this browser app has it all. Download Firefox Preview today and elevate your browsing experience to the next level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Firefox Preview

Firefox Preview is considered one of the best Android browser apps available. Here, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Firefox Preview as compared to other browsers.


1. Enhanced Privacy and Security

One of the key advantages of Firefox Preview is its strong focus on privacy and security. It has built-in protection against tracking and phishing attempts, giving users greater control over their online privacy.

2. Improved Performance

Firefox Preview is optimized for speed and performance. Its Quantum engine ensures faster page loads and smooth browsing experience, making it a reliable choice for users who value efficiency.

3. Customization Options

Another advantage of using Firefox Preview is the extensive customization options it offers. Users can personalize their browsing experience through various themes, extensions, and add-ons, enabling them to tailor the browser to their preferences.


1. Limited Add-On Support

Compared to some other popular browsers, Firefox Preview has a more limited selection of add-ons. While it does support a decent number of extensions, users might find the options relatively limited.

2. Stability Issues

Although Firefox Preview has improved significantly, some users might still encounter occasional stability issues. These issues can include crashes or slowdowns, which can affect the overall user experience.

3. Compatibility with Some Websites

While Firefox Preview generally supports most websites without any problems, compatibility issues with certain websites may arise due to its comparatively smaller user base. These issues, although rare, could inconvenience some users.

In conclusion, Firefox Preview offers several advantages, including enhanced privacy and security, improved performance, and customization options. However, it does have some drawbacks related to limited add-on support, occasional stability issues, and possible compatibility problems with certain websites. Despite its disadvantages, Firefox Preview remains a strong contender in the Android browser market, providing a reliable and secure browsing experience for its users.

Download Link Firefox Preview Mod 2024

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  • Download all the files provided
  • After that, please read the instructions that the admin has provided
  • Install the application (.APK)
  • If there is a file in pack form, please extract it first and insert it into OBB
  • Finished.

Download Link Firefox Preview Original 2024

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